What happens in a HulaFit Class?

This is a class for the total beginner as well as the fitness fanatic! We provide the hoops, you provide the hips and lets get fit, fit, fit!

After checking in, you’ll be given one of our trademark HulaFit Hoops. These are large, slightly weighted hoops which make it easier to keep the hoop spinning around your waist.
We’ll break out the beats and start with a warm up routine. We teach you how to Hula Hoop & give you a little time to practise, before we start to combine tried & tested full body exercises with hip shakin’ Hula! Our exercises are easy to follow and will give you a full body workout, helping you improve overall strength, coordination, balance and cardio fitness, with a variety of impact options to suit all fitness levels. Hula hooping is a low-impact exercise so it can be good for those who can’t do regular exercises like running.

It’s all about feel good fun, not perfection, so if you feel that hoop falling down, don’t worry! Have a giggle with your neighbour & give that hoop another spin.

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What should I wear/bring?

No heels! LOL – just trainers and sportswear/workout clothing. We recommend not wearing anything too baggy or bulky. We provide the hoops so all you need to bring is YOU – and a bottle of water. Hula Hooping is sweaty work! If you’re joining our online class we recommend using an adult sized Hula Hoop of no less than 36″ diameter OR a weighted Hula Hoop, no heavier than 1.2kg.

How much is it?

Entry fees vary depending on location, please check with your local HulaFit Instructor for details.

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Is it right for me?

  • We’re all different shapes, sizes and abilities, and guess what, each one of them is perfectly suited to the hoop. You don’t have to be skinny or super co-ordinated to Hula Hoop. Our classes are open to ALL – this is fitness for every body, shape and size, so don’t ever feel like you won’t fit in, because hunny, you totally will! At HulaFit we want to empower you to enjoy moving your body and marvel at the amazing things it can do.
  • Finding keeping fit a bore and a chore? You know, the gym isn’t the only option. There is a light at the end of the tunnel… and it’s not a train! It’s a hula hoop! We all played with Hula Hoops as a child and we’re here to say – keep playing! HulaFit will help keep you young at heart and super fit.
  • Nervous about trying something new? We all get those jitters, but what we can promise you is that this class is full of friendly, like-minded women, who have all been there! Want to make some new friends? There;s nothing like bonding over hula hoops.