HulaFit in a nutshell

Get ready to bring your core to the floor for a seriously good fun fitness class!

Here at HulaFit® we believe that exercise doesn’t have to be boring to get results and we will have the world hooping its way into a new fitness frontier, increasing strength, tone, balance, coordination and burning serious calories.
HulaFit® combines tried and tested fitness techniques with hip shakin’ Hula for a great full body cardio workout. Whether you want an intense workout or just to learn how to keep a hoop spinning, this class is for all levels.

The aim of the HulaFit® class is to create an environment that is as focused on the ‘Fit’ as it is on the ‘Fun’ – leaving you smiling as much as you’re sweating!. There are elements in each class that will appeal to all, regardless of your fitness experience, whether you’re a keep-fit fanatic or a fitness phobe, we at HulaFit® believe that even if you hate everything, no one can hate hula hooping.


In 2013, Anna and Rowan Byrne hula hooped their way into business, combining their extensive experience in both the Hula hoop and fitness industries and HulaFit® was born in London, UK! The goal = empowering people to get fit and feel great using hula hoops!


Anna started hooping in 2004, creating the London Hula Hoopers community in 2007 and teaching her own classes ever since. Anna the Hulagan is an international hula hoop performer and teacher, and is well-known as “London’s cult hula hooping artiste” (The Times) In 2013 she qualified as a Level 2 ETM fitness instructor, and started to develop HulaFit classes with her husband Rowan.


Rowan is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and originally discovered hula hooping to improve his boxing technique. Years later he met Anna and now finds himself hooping every day and as a Level 3 Personal Trainer he even gets his clients to hoop in their sessions!


After deciding their business days were over, they passed the baton (well, hula hoop) over to Carla Rose in 2019, who now runs the company with just as much passion.
Carla is a Guinness World Record holding, globally recognised professional Hula Hooper, qualified Level 2 fitness instructor, founder of hooping events company Hulaballoo London and the Managing Director at HulaFit.




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Welcome to HulaFit®!
Our online Instructor Training is 10 hours of theory & practical training delivered through a combination of Livstream face to face sessions & home study units which takes place over the course of a month. To earn your Certificate of Achievement you must pass a recorded teaching demonstration assessed at the end of training.

Available Dates:
Summer : Saturday 5th June / Saturday 19th June / Saturday 3rd July : All Livestream sessions 10.00 – 11.30am GMT
You will need to be available for all 3 Livestream Zoom sessions of your chosen session.

Please fill out the following application form giving your details below.
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If you have any queries regarding the course please contact us either by phone or email:
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