Hooping is known to be a fantastic way to tone that troublesome tummy area, but there are many other benefits that can be gained from spinning the humble hoop, namely improved strength, coordination and calorie burning as well as the undeniable enjoyment factor!

At a HulaFit® class, the most important thing we hope you achieve is quite simply, a lot of fun!  Some people come for an intense abdominal and cardio workout, some come for the first time just hoping to learn how to keep a hoop spinning around their hips, and others because they want to add an alternative to their regular fitness programme.  Primarily, however, we hope you leave feeling positive, happy and like you had good time on top of doing a great workout!  It is an undeniable truth that how you feel on the inside, effects how you feel on the outside, so we hope your mind will focus on the fun as we help your body focus on the fit.  We love hooping, and we hope that after a HulaFit® class you will be left feeling lighter in both step and spirit, which is a great place to start (or continue) the journey towards long-term success of a happy and healthy mind and body!


Whilst spinning a hoop on your hips, at a HulaFit® class you will be encouraged to join in with various routines that will challenge your coordination and motor-skills.  A HulaFit® workout will also enhance and develop balance, posture and poise.  You will jog, jump, squat and spin around.  You will learn to hoop on various parts of your body, as well as hold balance positions whilst continuing to hoop, and you will also constantly use your hands and your feet throughout the class.  All of these elements of the HulaFit® workout will encourage you to engage your brain as well as your body, thereby helping to improve your coordination and refine your motor skills!


Building muscle is not the same as being a body builder!  Muscle strength is vital in maintaining a healthy body, and HulaFit® can help! Hooping requires constant push-pull contractions in your core muscles, the abdominals and the obliques, as well as in the glutes and thighs.  Combining the added resistance of heavy hoops (up to 1.4kg) and aerobic exercises a HulaFit® class can assist sculpting, reshaping and toning all the right places!


Hooping has been proven to burn anything from 7 calories a minute upwards!  The American Council of Exercise (ACE)[1] has tested that hooping for 30 minutes can burn approximately 210kcal.  Some practitioners believe you burn up to 100 calories every 10 minutes![2]

At HulaFit® we aim to hoop you hard, with heavy hoops and rigorous cardio workouts, so we expect to help you burn anything from 400-600kcal in one hour-long session.  Remember, the harder your work, the more you burn…so, spin steady, spin fast, and you will get a mega calorie blast!

Join us at HulaFit for a happy, healthy body & mind!

[1] American Council of Exercise; January 2011; Jordan Holthusen, M.S., John Porcari, Ph.D., Carl Foster, Ph.D., Scott Doberstein, M.S, with Mark Anders ; http://www.acefitness.org/certifiednewsarticle/1094/

[2] Betty Shurin; www.bettyhoops.com

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