What venues are suitable for HulaFit?

Pretty much any venue, if it can hold a certain amount of people spinning Hula Hoops around them! We recommend anything size 50ft x 50ft and bigger

What qualifications are required to become an Instructor?

The pre-requisites for applying for the HulaFit Training are as follows: Level 2 or higher fitness qualification (including Exercise to Music) Industry recognised Dance qualification i.e. Zumba Relevant Hula Hoop Teacher Training qualification AND/OR demonstrate experience of Hula Hooping equivalent to 5 or more HulaFit classes or similar attendance of another Hula Hoop course/class. If you have an extensive background and knowledge of hula hooping then we’d be keen to hear from you!

How do I pass the course?

To become a HulaFit Instructor you will need to demonstrate that you have understood the course content and will be assessed on your ability to:

  • demonstrate safe and effective teaching technique
  • demonstrate the HulaFit class model
  • demonstrate practical ability of a range of HulaFit techniques
  • You are informally assessed throughout the course to check you have sufficiently understood all the elements taught and at the end of the course submit a practical assessment video that consists of a 10 minute Main class component featuring both On-Hoop and Off-Hoop moves.

You will be told whether you have Passed or Referred on submission of your practical assessment. If a referral is given, an extra assessment must be completed before you can teach HulaFit classes. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with all the information and advise you need to re-take the assessment and get you certified.

How do I purchase HulaFit Fitness Hoops?

You can buy our Hula Hoops direct from our online shop with a special Core Crew discount. This will be available to you once your license is active.

Is HulaFit completely pre-choreographed?

We have a library of pre-approved HulaFit fitness techniques available for you to use in your classes. However, we think creativity & adding your own flair is really important and that’s why we give our Instructors the choice of how they would like to put their routines and combos together, providing the HulaFit class structure is adhered to, as outlined in the Instructor training.

What’s the minimum/maximum age for class participants?

The minimum age for HulaFit participants is 16, unless the instructor is legally trained to teach children. The maximum age is 60, again, unless the instructor is legally trained to teach the older population. HulaFit programmes for young people coming soon!

What does the licence fee cover?

The licence fee gives you permission to launch and teach unlimited HulaFit classes anywhere in the world. It also provides you with the essentials to run successful HulaFit classes, giving you full access to our Core Crew Instructor Hub packed with resources including HulaFit video bank, class playlists, lesson plans, discount on Hoops, marketing materials and more.

Will I be tied into a contract?

If you pay the licence fee monthly/annually, you are not tied into a contract and can cancel any time, however, you must give 30 days notice before payment is due. Refunds cannot be given once payment has been made.

Do you need a music license to teach HulaFit?

In most countries, unless your venue is already covered, you will generally need a music licence as we use original tracks from well known artists, rather than cover versions. Our fun playlists are one of the features of our classes.

Any other questions?

Feel free to email us : hulafitinstructors@gmail.com




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Welcome to HulaFit®!
Our online Instructor Training is 10 hours of theory & practical training delivered through a combination of Livstream face to face sessions & home study units which takes place over the course of a month. To earn your Certificate of Achievement you must pass a recorded teaching demonstration assessed at the end of training.

Available Dates:
Summer : Saturday 5th June / Saturday 19th June / Saturday 3rd July : All Livestream sessions 10.00 – 11.30am GMT
You will need to be available for all 3 Livestream Zoom sessions of your chosen session.

Please fill out the following application form giving your details below.
We will confirm your application once you have filled in this form. If successful, we shall contact you via email regarding enrolment & payment information.

If you have any queries regarding the course please contact us either by phone or email:
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